Amanda Smith

Founder & Executive Director, 

Menehune Chef 

Amanda Smith started her health- & wellness-inspired journey at the University of Hawai’i studying Early Childhood Education. She has over a decade worth of experience working with non-profit organizations & community-outreach programs. Today, Amanda works as a substance abuse prevention teacher & strives daily to create & facilitate up-to-date health curricula, life-skill training & sustainability education to the keiki & their families through Menehune Chef, a non-profit vision that she founded in 2015. Through the power of community, Menehune Chef’s team is able to educate the community on how to best utilize locally-sourced goods, as well as host in-home classes & share about the values of family-connection & youth engagement at events around the Hawaiian Islands & worldwide.

Ms Smith is passionate about increasing awareness on nutrition & health to all keiki & families & enjoys sharing her vision of sustainable cooking practices to all of the Hawaiian Islands through in-school & after-school programs, private cooking lessons & public-education-centered speaking events, as well as television, radio, social media, podcasts and vlogging / blogging.

Let’s take on 


Aloha friends, ohana & 

all the fabulous supporters of 

Ms Hawai’i U.S. Amanda Smith 2019,

                     We did it!!! Thanks to all of you, I was crowned Ms Hawai’i earlier this year, after formerly being blessed with the Ms Kaua’i title. Now it’s time to take on Nationals! Let’s show the United States what we are made of & bring home the Ms U.S. title to Hawai’i!

                     Pageants are changing; these competitions are focused on the character & values of the contestants, rather than the traditional beauty-focused pageants of the past. We are judged on our contributions to the community & how we share our crown’s glow in our day-today lives. However, there’s still a lot that goes into the preparation & presentation, which is why I am reaching out to you today.

                     My goal is to reach $10,000, which will go towards the necessary flights & travel arrangements, as well as maintaining my diet & lifestyle while on the road & of course managing that team that insures I am looking flawless for the show! Any unused funds will be donated to the Menehune Chef non-profit organization to provide education & resources to keiki on Kaua’i about utilizing locally sourced ingredients & making healthier lifestyle choices.

                     I am honored to practice & live by my platform daily; I feel that it’s my kuleana, my job & my life purpose… Thanks to the amazing people & journey I call life, I was able to create Menehune Chef, which allows me to teach ohana & keiki how to cook with sustainable foods grown within the Hawaiian islands… My goal is to expand this non-profit model to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands & inspire the mainland U.S. & why not: the WORLD to become more sustainable & enjoy healthier & yet a somehow tastier lifestyle.

                     You’ll find me during the daytime teaching prevention at local high schools around Kaua’i, sharing knowledge & having a lot of fun on the Menehune Chef childrens’ TV show, speaking at events across the Hawaiian Islands & Nation-wide & being a full-time Mom. It’s a full plate; but I am passionate about the impact we have made through the Ms Kaua’i & Hawai’i titles & know that Nationals can garner an even larger support network in order for us to reach our goals for a better tomorrow for everyone. “Kulia i ka nu’u” or “shoot for the stars / summit” as they say!

                     Thank you so much for any support you can offer; your donations are appreciated! We always welcome volunteers too so if you’re looking to share your skills, please do reach out to me or the organization through social media, our website (above) or just drop a comment on our GoFundMe page!

With Honor & Aloha,

Amanda Smith

Founder & Executive Director,

Menehune Chef

Ms Hawai’i U.S. 2019


Menehune Chef believes in building a thriving community by positively educating children to make and create wiser food choices and to do so by using locally grown ingredients.


It is our vision to impact future generations by starting with a single poi smoothie and generating a powerful movement that will be shared through our keiki of Hawaii.


We work with local Hawaii chefs and farmers to infuse the essence of community involvement, sustainable living and locally grown ingredients.