Meet Our Chefs

Menehune Chef's vision for a healthy Hawaii community starts with an amazing staff, staying true to local, we have hired an exquisite team of Hawaii chefs that have experience with Providing functional, intuitive, and practical cooking education using all local Hawaiian sourced ingredients.
Mark Sassone

Executive Chef at Kilohana

Mark is the Executive Chef for Gaylords at Kilohana. Formally the Corporate Chef with
Muy-Ono Hospitality in Belize, he has returned to Hawaii where he has lived and worked in the culinary field for over 35 years. With over 25 years of experience as Executive Chef, Mark’s culinary background includes Pacific Rim, World Fusion, Continental Cuisine, and his favorite, baking and pastry.  Earning a degree in Culinary Arts from the California Culinary Academy, Mark graduated in the top 5 of his class. He has held rank as Executive Chef in numerous resorts and restaurants on the island of Kauai. Contributing in the Community is also important to Chef Mark. Being involved with the Kaua‘i Community College Culinary Arts division as guest speaker, and teaching
specialized classes, as well as taking on high school apprentices.

Mark has made multiple guest appearances on cooking shows throughout Hawaii, including Kaua‘i FM 97’s Culinary Radio Show. Mark has a passion for the culinary field and is always willing to share his experience and culinary knowledge.

Kimya Sadaghiani

Executive Chef at Harmonious Roots

Inspired by the abundantly fruitful Garden Isle and its community, Kimya followed a passion for culture & food that lead her to creating Harmonious Roots. Whether it be for local health food stores, catering, or the weekly culinary markets around town, Kimya specializes in recreating beloved Persian dishes with locally-grown, health-conscious ingredients. Her cooking is a legacy of her family, who passed down Iranian traditions and a deep love for creating & sharing meals together. Kimya values cooking as an opportunity to encourage and nurture others, while also supporting a more sustainable, environmentally conscious community.

Benjamin Prichard

Executive Chef &  Manager at Trees Lounge

Benjamin began cooking in 2001 during his senior year of high school as an elective work study at Einstein Bagel Bros in Exton, Pennsylvania.  He found joy in baking and began dreaming about running his own restaurant.  He has continued cooking professionally while studying Corporate Communications at Elon University in North Carolina.  His passion for creative cooking really took off during a year long stint working as the Head Cook on the Sailing Vessel Kwai based out of the Honolulu.  He became a voracious reader, finding inspiration from books such as the Joy of Cooking and Tassajara Cookbook.  Benjamin traveled half way around the world cooking in locations including Germany, Pennsylvania, the Carolina’s, and Hawaii.  In 2015, Benjamin released his first cooking manual, 101 Ways to Cut a Potato and in 2016 he completed his first full length cookbook One Cup of Flour.  He has been crafting his own style of cooking, Noisy Food since 2011 and has plans to release a collection of recipes in the Noisy Food Cookbook.  His website  features some of his recipes and writing projects.  He lives with his wife and three kids on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.